Dentist near me in Houston, TX who offers emergency dental services
Dentist near me in Houston, TX who offers emergency dental services


Dr. Marilyn Jones is a dentist in the area of Houston, TX who offers emergency dental services when they are needed. Our team has dedicated ourselves to providing compassionate, quality care for new and existing patients who visit us—especially for those who come in for a same-day visit due to a dental emergency.

What is a dental emergency?

Our team at Houston Biological Dentist describes a dental emergency as a condition that occurs which needs immediate dental care. Patients looking for a dentist “near me” that can help with dental emergencies and who are in Houston can call the practice of Dr. Marilyn Jones to book a same-day visit to address the problem as soon as possible.

What are some examples of a dental emergency?

A dental emergency may include:

  • A knocked out or loose tooth
  • A severe toothache that cannot be managed with pain medications
  • A broken restoration such as a dental crown or denture
  • An appliance that needs to be adjusted
  • A lost restoration, including dental fillings, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dental bridges
  • An injury to the mouth that causes cuts or injuries to the soft tissues
  • A large or severe cavity that causes extreme discomfort


What to do in a dental emergency?Dentist near me in Houston, TX who offers emergency dental services

  • First, contact the dentist to book an appointment for same-day care
  • Avoid using sharp objects to remove something stuck between teeth
  • Put a knocked-out tooth back into the mouth or keep moist when on your way to an appointment
  • Keep hold of a lost restoration if possible, to have the dentist bond back in place
  • Keep the part of a broken tooth, if possible, and place it in milk for the trip to the dentist
  • Call as soon as problems arise, as some situations can become more serious without prompt attention

Schedule a visit today

If you are in the Houston, TX area and are experiencing a dental emergency, we strongly encourage you to call Houston Biological Dentist at (713) 429-0071 to schedule a same-day appointment for assistance. Dr. Marilyn Jones and her team are available for new and established patients of the practice seeking emergency dental services “near me.” Her facility is conveniently located at 800 Bering Drive, Ste. #204.

We look forward to meeting you and earning your trust.
Call our office now at (713) 785-7767 to schedule your next appointment.
Dentist near me in Houston, TX who offers emergency dental services

Dr. Marilyn Jones - Houston Biological Dentist

A graduate from the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Jones holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Houston. She is a passionate, skilled, and talented dental surgeon with a drive for excellence.

While previously being a tenured Assistant Professor of chemistry & an Assistant Professor of integrative dentistry, Dr. Jones continues to educate and update herself on the modern approaches and practices of dentistry and related advances in healthcare to ensure that she delivers the best possible care and service to her patients.