Dentist in Houston, TX offers laser gum treatment for periodontal disease


Periodontal disease, or “gum disease,” is a dental condition that is essentially an infection that can impact the tissues of the smile and the bone of the jaw that hold natural, adult teeth in place. Periodontal disease can be caused by a number of reasons but can be difficult to maintain once it has developed.

Treatment for this condition can vary, depending on the stage at which the gum infection has reached. At Houston Biological Dentist in Houston, TX, area patients can ask about an alternative service such as laser dentistry.

Lasers for periodontal disease

Dentist in Houston, TX offers laser gum treatment for periodontal disease

In traditional treatments for periodontal disease, patients will often do a procedure called scaling and root planning. This treatment sometimes referred to as SRP, is a non-surgical treatment that cleans not only the surfaces of the teeth but the roots which may be exposed due to gum recession. This can be an invasive treatment in some cases, and many patients do not look forward to having this done.

However, with the use of lasers, patients can treat their condition with fewer issues. Then laser light is done to help in preserving as much tissue as possible and to address the infected pockets that may be harboring unwanted bacteria. The laser light also helps with the calculus that may have developed, bacteria that are present, and in sealing the soft tissues to the tooth root to help in preventing further gum recession. In addition, laser devices used in the dental office can help in stimulating stem cells in the gum tissues to assist in the formation of connective tissue, collagen, and bone. As the body naturally begins the healing process, the smile will improve in appearance and health.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry for the treatment of gum disease?

  • Reduce bleeding – many patients who have gingivitis, the earlier stage of periodontal disease, may experience bleeding when brushing and flossing. Bleeding may also occur during traditional therapies such as scaling and root planning. With laser treatment, patients will not notice as much bleeding following their procedures.
  • Optimization – the laser device can be adjusted in terms of power level and light wavelengths, allowing the dentist to personalize the procedure to the patient’s specific and unique needs and ensuring long-term results.
  • Reduce healing time – traditional surgeries can result in the extended time required for healing of the smile. By using laser light to treat periodontal disease, patients will experience less trauma around the teeth and gums, which means faster healing and a speedy recovery!
  • Minimally invasive – the use of laser devices for periodontal disease is far less invasive than traditional methods. There is no need for the dentist’s drill. Patients are also able to undergo treatment without anesthetics in many cases, ensuring optimum comfort and reduced levels of anxiety.
  • Preservation of healthy tissues – the precision of laser treatments means that patients will be able to preserve a lot of their healthy tissues and bone during the treatment of periodontal disease.
  • Minimized risk of continued infection – the laser light is perfect for treating areas of infection that are contributing to the condition. By treating the area with laser dentistry, patients can eliminate the bacteria in the smile and reduce the risk of it returning. Clinical results from laser therapies are far more noticeable, and patients will have to undergo fewer treatments over the course of time to control their condition.

Is laser dentistry right for me?Dentist in Houston, TX offers laser gum treatment for periodontal disease

All patients are candidates for laser therapies at Houston Biological Dentist and are encouraged to ask Dr. Marilyn Jones about this and other treatments for ensuring a healthy, beautiful smile for life!

Learn more about laser dentistry for gum infections

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease and are interested in learning about the treatment options that are available, including laser dentistry, we welcome you to book an appointment with Dr. Marilyn Jones of Houston Biological Dentist. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure effective, precision treatment of the smile. We welcome you to book a consultation appointment with our team of professionals by calling (713) 497-1355 and visiting the practice at 800 Bering Drive, Ste. 204. Dr. Marilyn Jones is always accepting new patients and families into her state-of-the-art dental facility.