Restore your oral health with ozone therapy for teeth in Houston, Texas

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Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that allows dentists to kill oral bacteria without chemicals or antibiotics, and it can help facilitate faster healing in your mouth. Patients looking for Ozone Treatment for Teeth in Houston Texas can contact Houston Biological Dentist. Dr. Jones offers patients in Houston, Texas, ozone therapy for teeth because of the many benefits it can provide.

Benefits of ozone therapy

Ozone is a type of oxygen molecule that’s more reactive than the kind we use to power our bodies. When microbes like the bacteria that cause cavities are exposed to it, it scrambles their DNA and prevents them from metabolizing energy. However, when it contacts your tissues, it oxygenates your bloodstream, allowing the body to heal itself faster. This win-win scenario makes ozone a versatile therapy for a variety of dental issues.

Fluoride has been the go-to treatment to strengthen teeth and kill oral bacteria for decades. However, there is growing evidence that exposure to high levels of fluoride may cause more harm than good by disturbing your bone homeostasis and enamel development. Ozone can kill oral bacteria on contact and promote remineralization in your teeth to strengthen your enamel and reverse early dental caries.

How we use ozone therapy

Restore your oral health with ozone therapy for teeth in Houston, Texas

Dr. Jones utilizes ozone therapy to sterilize treatment areas and facilitate faster healing after procedures. Ozone can improve the outcome of a variety of treatments by killing bacteria and boosting your body’s immune system. Ozone can be used during routine dental cleaning to restore your gums and keep your teeth cleaner. It will also raise the pH of your mouth, which means that once the bacteria are dead, they will stay gone longer.

  • Tooth decay – If Dr. Jones finds small dental caries in your teeth, she can use ozone therapy to halt decay and allow the enamel to repair itself, which can prevent the need for a filling and avoid the drill.
  • Gum disease – ozone therapy can penetrate your teeth and soft tissues to remove the infection. It can also promote gum reattachment, so the bacteria won’t have a place to hide in your mouth when you brush.
  • Extractions – Ozone therapy will sterilize the root socket and stimulate your soft tissues for faster healing.
  • Mercury amalgam removal – If you have old metal fillings, Dr. Jones can safely remove them and replace them with a biologically compatible filling. Ozone helps detoxify the site and reduce your exposure to toxic metals.
  • Oral sores – ozone kills viruses that cause sores in your mouth and helps the tissues heal.

Learn more about biological dentistry

Dr. Jones is committed to preventative care and beautiful restorations that do not rely on harsh chemicals or materials that can irritate your body. By taking a holistic approach, she can preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible and minimize the stress on your body during advanced care. Contact our office in Houston, Texas, today at (713) 497-1355 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our practice.