What is Ozone Dental Treatment?

dentist doing ozone treatment to male patient

Biological dentists provide dental services that enhance oral health and overall wellbeing. This includes using safe materials, opting for conservative treatments, and focusing on the overall connection between the health of the mouth and the entire body. At Houston Biological Dentist one of the ways we enhance our patients wellbeing is using ozone dental treatments. When you hear of ozone, you may immediately think about the atmosphere, but ozone is an excellent tool in our office to enhance some of our procedures, provide pain relief, aid in healing, and prevent further issues related to excess bacteria in the mouth.

What is ozone?

Ozone is the combination of three oxygen atoms. In medical terms, ozone is used to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens and allows us to provide minimally invasive procedures that are as effective as more aggressive ones. Dental ozone treatment is emerging as an extremely effective tool in treating a variety of oral health conditions. At our Houston, TX area office, we provide dental ozone treatment alongside other biological treatments to restore oral health for our patients.

What is ozone treatment?

Ozone treatment consists of administering ozone gas into the teeth or gums to aid in the treatment of various issues such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. The gas is delivered through a special mouthpiece, which helps the gas penetrate areas of decay and disease and kill the bacteria that have infiltrated the tissues. This works in a similar manner as antibiotics, but without the need for pharmaceuticals.

How does it work?

What is Ozone Dental Treatment?
Ozone is also known as activated oxygen. This energized form of oxygen is highly reactive as it tries to eliminate the extra atom and return to oxygen which is more stable. It’s this process that produces the therapeutic effects of ozone. When ozone is used in dentistry, the oxygen can be forced underneath the surface of the tooth, in the pockets of gums, inside cavities, etc. to kill bacteria, detoxify the area, prevent reoccurrence of bacterial invasions and improve recovery.
Dental ozone treatments can be used to treat the wide number of infections that occur in the mouth, including:

  • Treatment of caries
  • Treatment of periodontal disease
  • During amalgam removal

Dental ozone treatment for caries is especially helpful in younger patients because it drastically reduces the amount of drilling that must occur in the tooth.

Additionally, ozone therapy may be used during periodontal treatment as an alternative to antibiotics, which can help with antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

Benefits of Dental Ozone Treatment

If you favor safe, comfortable, biological dentistry solutions, then, dental ozone treatment may be an excellent fit for you. It’s an effective tool for eliminating oral infections, promoting healing, and improving dental and total health. There are many benefits to dental ozone treatment, some of the biggest ones are:

  • The transient oxidative burst of ozone improves overall healing and reduces recovery time
  • Ozone therapy drastically reduces and, in some cases, eliminates, the need for drilling when treating dental caries.
  • Safe for use on patients of all ages
  • Low risk of side effects

What to expect with dental ozone treatment

What is Ozone Dental Treatment?
Dental ozone treatment can be administered as either a liquid or gas. When used as a liquid, we may rinse out and disinfect the mouth with ozonated water. In other cases, we may mix the ozone with oils before applying it.
When used as a gas, ozone is delivered through a custom handpiece. This method is most commonly used when cleaning out pockets that have formed as a result of periodontal disease.

Is there a science to support the use of dental ozone treatment?

Ozone therapy has been used in dentistry since the early 1900s and is backed by a lot of scientific research and testing. In recent years, the biological and holistic dental community has been able to gain a much deeper understanding of how ozone therapy works so well, which has allowed us to spread its applications to many of our treatments. Even the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology accepts ozone treatment as a valid, scientifically supported treatment.

Biological ozone dental treatment is available in Houston, TX

Dr. Jones understands the importance of biological dentistry and therapies like ozone treatment for improving oral health and wellbeing. Whether you are dealing with uncomfortable canker sores, tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth sensitivity, dental ozone treatment can help make treatment faster, more comfortable, and improve healing time. If you are in the Houston area and are interested in learning more about ozone treatment, please call us today at  (713) 497-1355.